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Anno 2004

G. Izzo A software for simulating the effect of vaccine induced immune response on HIV-1 infection RT 296_04
R. K Mallik, A. Vecchio Bound on the inverse of triangular matrices RT 295_04
A. Alberico, A. Cianchi Bordeline sharp estimates for solutions to Neumann problems RT 294_04
M. R. Capobianco, G. Criscuolo Quadrature rules on unbounded interval RT 293_04
A. Fiorenza, J. M. Rakotoson Compactness, interpolation inequalities for small Lebesgue-Sobolev spaces and applications RT 292_04
M. F. Carfora, G. Noviello Shallow water equations on a spherical geodesic grid Fig RT 291_04
U. Amato, A. Antoniadis, M. Pensky Wavelet kernel penalized estimation for non-equispaced design regression RT 290_04
D. Cruz-Uribe, Sfo, A. Fiorenza, J.M. Martell, C. Perez The boundedness of classical operators on variable Lp spaces RT 289_04
G. Mastroianni, W Themistoclakis Best weighted polynomial approximation via Jacobi and Laguerre expansions RT 288_04
A. Vecchio On the global behavior of a class of nonlinear system of difference equations arising in biology RT 287_04
J. Guardiola, G. Izzo, A. Vecchio A mathematical model simulating the effect of vaccine induced responses on HIV-1 infection RT 286_04
C. Capone, A. Fiorenza, M. Krbec On extrapolation blowups in the Lp scale RT 285_05
F. Abramovich, C. Angelini, D. De Canditiis Pointwise optimality of bayesian wavelet estimators RT 284_04
C. Angelini, D. Cava, G. Katul, B. Vidakovic Resampling hierarchical processes in the wavelet domain: A case study using atmospheric turbulence RT 283_04
A. Alberico Some properties for the first eigenvalue of nonlinear weighted problems and applications RT 282_04
C. Capone, D. Cruz-Uribe, Sfo, A. Fiorenza The fractional maximal operator on variable Lp spaces RT 281_04
G. Alì, V. Furuholt, R. Natalini, I. Torcicollo Numerical and qualitative analysis of a mathematical model of sulphite chemical aggression of limestones with high permeability RT 280/04
D. Cruz-Uribe, Sfo And A. Fiorenza "Approximate Identities In Variable Lp Spaces" RT 279/04
C. Capone and A. Fiorenza "On small Lebesgue spaces" RT 278/04
M. R. Capobianco, G. Criscuolo, P. Junghanns "On the Numerical Solution of a Nonlinear Integral Equation of Prandtl's type" RT 277/04
D. Cruz-Uribe, Sfo, A. Fiorenza "Weighted endpoint estimates for commutators of fractional integrals" RT 276/04
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