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dott.ssa Giuliana Ramella

Researcher E-mail G.Ramella [at] Tel. 0816132392

Giuliana  Ramella is  permanent  research scientist at the Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo "Mauro  Picone"  of  the  National  Research  Council  (CNR)  of  Italy,  where  she  has  been  working mainly  in  the  area  of  Image  Processing  and  Computer  Vision  since  1989.  She  has  been  contract professor  of teachings  in the field of Computer Science at  three universities of Naples  since 2000. Now  she  is  contract  professor  of  "Elements  of Computer  Science"  at  the  University  of  Naples “Federico II”. She is a member of IAPR and of IEEE.
Currently, she has involved in national/international research projects also as the coordinator and the  person  in  charge.  She  collaborates  with  national/international  scientific  Institutions  and Universities and she is a project evaluator for some  national/international Institutions. She works as reviewer  for  international  scientific  journals  and  conferences  and  is  a  member  of  Program Committee of international conferences and schools. She  has been  a co-editor of a book  and  has been a member of the organizing committee of international conferences,  also as the Program Chair and Local Committee member.
Research  interests  span  the  fields  of  Data  Compression,  Image  Processing,  Computer  Vision, Pattern  Recognition  and  Digital  Geometry  and  Topology.  Her  research  activity  concerns  image compression,  shape  representation  and  description,  image  segmentation,  multiresolution  analysis, color image processing and their application to Cultural Heritage, Future Internet, Environment and Safety.

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